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Charles Sherman,

Los Angeles-based sculptor and jewelry designer Charles Sherman was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1947. His work is informed by a lifelong study of ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions. The forms he creates are minimalist, conceptual and inspired by sacred geometry. His philosophy of life and art has always been the same: to promote the positive.

Since 2002 Sherman has investigated sculptural forms that express the concept of infinity, especially the three dimensional Möbius ring and more recently, variations of the Tetrahedron form. He hand builds his clay Infinity Ring sculptures using the most primitive sculpture tools and coil or slab construction. Some sculptures are transformed into cast bronze, stainless steel or welded stainless steel. Mosaic is a current exploration. Using glass, agates, crystals and ancient ammonite fossils he transforms the surface of geometric form with applied mosaic.  In 2006 he began translating his sculptural forms into sterling silver sculpture to wear jewelry designs.  In his most recent body of work, Miracle Towers, he creates forms based on the tetrahedron and variations of the pyramid in welded steel and glass mosaic.  

Sherman's philosophy of life and art are the same: to promote the positive. His intention is to elevate the spirit of the viewer.

New pieces of Charles in the Gallery now! Swing by today!

Charles_Sherman_applying_mosaic_to_steel_tetrahedron (1).jpg

Miracle Towers and Sacred Geometry

All of the art I make is inspired by my lifelong study of ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions.  My most recent body of work, Miracle Towers, are sculptures inspired by the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and based on interpretations of the tetrahedron geometric form.

Each Miracle Tower is unique.  As they are fabricated from hand-welded steel, the sculptures are also highly durable. Stainless steel may be hand-brushed with abstract or symbolic figures, such as the figure eight symbol for Infinity. Some stainless steel towers may be covered with mosaic made up of materials such as stained or hand-painted glass, mirror, ceramic, hand-stained agates, Swarovski crystals, sand dollars or ancient 400 million year-old ammonite fossils. The mirror facets used in each mosaic-surfaced Miracle Tower reflect the beauty of the environment and the soul of the viewer.

The colorful surface on some Miracle Towers is created with various chemically activated patinas, especially the verdigris of copper oxide and the rust tones of iron oxide. I also fabricate towers of Corten Steel (also known as weathered steel) which is made up of steel alloys designed to oxidize when outside and exposed to the elements,  resulting in a surface that is a rich, velvety deep red-brown. 

I design intuitively, using a form of Sacred Geometry.  Although the Miracle Towers are of varying heights, and some are composed of multiple tetrahedrons, all are remarkable for their dynamic, vertical form.  Each Miracle Tower visually expresses the miracle of flight and upward movement.  The convergence of the triangles at the apex of the Miracle Tower form is counter-pointed by the stability of the perfectly balanced triangles that meet at the sculpture's base.

Being in the presence of a Miracle Tower one feels a sense of wonder; its unusual form expresses both power and stability.  Wherever one is placed, the magic of its strength, balance and the wisdom of the ages is evoked by the Miracle Tower's pyramid energy.  The Miracle Tower sculptures activate the environment in which they are placed and are visual totems to manifest personal miracles.

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