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Yenny Cocq
Bronze Sculpture

Fine Art Yenny Cocq is originally from Hamburg, Germany. After living in Copenhagen and Santa Fe (where she currently resides), she has become an internationally recognized artist, showing in galleries across the U.S. and Europe. Her metal sculptures evoke an emotional response through subtle body language that communicates love between couples and families. 
Yenny Cocq is a figurative sculptor who works in bronze. She begins each piece by working in oil clay so she can create the form of the figure. She continues by creating a mold to produce wax versions of the sculpture, which she can alter further to develop the emotion of her work. The final step is to have the artwork cast in bronze at a Foundry. Yenny’s figures create modular families–adults, children, and pets may be mixed and matched to reflect loving familial relationships. 


Stay-tuned, for more of Yennys' sculptures, fall 2024!

yenny cocq_kids match.png

Currently in the Gallery!

"Kids Match" bronze figures on rock by Yenny Cocq


SOLD "Caress" by Yenny Cocq bronze figures on rock found in New Mexico.

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