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Jon Welborn,
Wood-turning & Sculpture

Jon Welborn, creates one-of-a-kind wood turned art and sculptural pieces from his studio located in Camp County Texas. All of Jon's wood-turning and sculptural art works are created utilizing native East Texas timber.

With a degree in Forestry, Jon turned to a career in wood working. Prior to his art career as a Woodturner and Sculptural Wood Artist, he had been working in custom cabinetry and creating furniture. He started turning in 2014 and transitioned to full time art shows by 2015.


Currently Jon resides in Pittsburg, Texas with his wife Carol of 34 years, two children, and two granddaughters. He is a full time Wood artist


Jon utilizes found or salvaged native Texas timber for his works showing the beauty that is in the wood that is found all around us. His process includes Woodturning and/or power carving from a single, solid piece of timber.  

"Jon's artwork is elegant and organic. We love the freshness and energy that comes through each piece."


Jon A. Welborn_Mulberry Knot_wood turning_lr.png

"Mulberry Knot"

Native East Texas Timber
78"h x 16"w

jon welborn_woodturning_twisted texas timber_3.png

"Twisted" by Jon Welborn

Native Texas Timber


Jon A. Welborn_Sweet Gum Hollow_21hx13w_lr.png

"Sweet Gum Hollow", Woodturning by Jon Welborn

Native East Texas Timber - 21"w x 13"h

jon welborn_woodturning_pecan bowl_lr.png

"Native Pecan" Woodturning by Jon Welborn

East Texas Timber - 18"w x 12"h

jon welborn_woodturning_twisted texas ti

"Twisted" by Jon Welborn

Native Texas Timber


jon welborn_woodturning_twisted texas timber_1.png

"Twisted Hearts" by Jon Welborn

Native Texas Timber


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