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John Neumann
Metal Sculptor

October 14,1952 - September 10, 2020

The world of art and architecture mourns the loss of renowned metal sculptor John Neumann. John's mother, Vera Neumann, was the iconic textile artist who created the "Vera" trademark, primarily known for her signature silk scarfs. His father, George Neumann, had a family background in textiles. Together, they created a fashion empire in the 1960s and traveled the world studying the designs, materials, and colors of other cultures with John. In a home surrounded by art culture with frequent visits by such luminaries as Alexander Calder.

With Neumann's passion for sculpture, he majored in Fine Art at the University in Albuquerque, N.M., followed by a move to Italy to learn from the best by studying at Scuolo Politecnica de Desegno de Milano. Upon returning to the United States, Neumann served an apprenticeship with sculptor Albert Wein, working with him on the Libby Dam project. Later he served as an assistant to New York sculptor Roy Gussow. Neumann worked directly with several artists fabricating their sculptures, including Marjorie Strider, Leslie Dor, Robert Goodnough, Del Geist, Clement Meadmore, and Elbert Weinberg. He also was a former finisher at Talix Foundry.

John Neumann began exhibiting his work in the early 1970s with showings in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, California, and Italy. His art is now in private collections throughout the United States, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. Significant influences on Neumann's work were Cubism, Constructivism, and Abstract Expressionism. Among his favorite artists were Alexander Archipenko, Julio Gonzales, Anthony Carro, David Smith, Franz Kline, and Hans Hofmann.

After living in California's high desert, John Neumann moved to Palm Springs, where he lived with his wife and muse, Fatima, an artist in her own right. In addition to continually creating new sculptures, Neumann loves to experiment with metals, new materials, and painting. In 2018 Neumann moved to Brazil with Fatima, where they had first met at the ages of 18 when he was accompanying his mother, Vera, on a business trip. Sadly John Neumann passed away October 10, 2020, in Brazil after a long illness.

To quote John's wife, Fatima:


"It is an honor to share John's talent and artistic creations developed with such dignity and passion. I witnessed how much painful labor was involved in every project, wasting lots of sweat and sometimes hidden tears. His work was never easy or pleasant as he pushed himself harder since he was a perfectionist in all senses. But at the end, the smile upon his face had visible reward as he looked at his completed pieces which always expressed feelings of movement."

May the legacy of John Neumann's beautiful sculptural forms continue to grow by finding an appreciative home with you!

maquette mă-kĕt′
A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural. Neumann created several maquettes before creating his client's final sculpture. Come see them all at the Gallery!

Come see more of John's work in the Gallery!


"Flamenco" Steel Sculpture by John Neumann

stainless steel sculpture-uplift-john neumann-800pxls.jpg

"Uplift" Stainless Steel Sculpture by John Neumann

To purchase one of John's Maquettes or Sculptures, stop in the Gallery, or please give us a call today!


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scupture artist-john nuemann-steel sculpture-001-800pxls.jpg

Maroon Painted Steel Sculpture by John Neumann

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