Tom Kreuser

“I enjoy making pottery.” I am captivated by the creative process. Taking simple clay and fashioning it into colorful functional pieces is exciting. These artistic and useful pieces, ARTWARES”, are designed to be displayed and fun to use.  Shapes and  designs are inspired by ancient potters as well as contemporary artists.  As a life long hiker many of my designs are inspired by textures, designs and colors found in nature. Each of my pieces is individually shaped or wheel thrown creating a unique and original piece…”no other like it,” which makes each piece special. I hope the owners of my pottery enjoy the “Kreuser piece” as much as I enjoyed creating it.

                                                                                           —Tom Kreuser


Tom Kreuser was born in Racine, Wisconsin.  He has lived in the Arizona desert since he was seven. He attended West High School, “Go Thunderbirds”; Phoenix College; Arizona State University, “Yea, Sun Devils”. He taught at Globe Junior High in Globe before teaching at Moon Mountain Elementary in Phoenix for the remainder of his teaching career. Teaching Philosophy.“Live,Laugh,&Learn”. Other Toms = hiker, backpacker, world traveler (with his wife Wendy), photographer, teacher, lover of fine food and one caption cartoons.

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