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Preben Jensen


From his boyhood home of Copenhagen, Preben would travel to the great European centers of culture, assisting in the family business of securing and transporting great works of art. This was the genesis of his passion and was not diminished throughout his nearly five decades as an engineer in the space/aviation industry. Residing variously in Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, South America, and finally the United States, where he developed the skills to create sculptures of carving and metal form. His abstract renderings in stone reveal their otherwise hidden beauties, as he follows the patterns and colors given to him by nature.






His sculptures have been shown in prestigious Exhibitions in Europe, amongst others “Salon d’Automne” in Paris, France 4 times, the Italian Art Museum of Chian Ciano, as well as in the US including 3 times in the Loveland Sculpture in the Park, and in the Art-Pic Gallery in North Hollywood.

His sculptures also appear in Major Movies, TV Shows, and Commercials, and in private collections in the US as well as in Europe. "
My Sculptures are created from imagination in a 3-dimensional free form i.e. without the use of drawings, models or other aids. The size, shape, and coloring of the stone guide my designs, which typically take 4-8 weeks, and in a few cases up to a year or more to create," commented Preben.

Each sculpture thus ends up a unique and abstract design.  The Sculptures are created such that they can, and should, be observed from any and all angles, which means that there's no front, back, nor sides, just a continuously varying experience of lines, curves, and shapes as one is walking around or rotating the sculptures.


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See all of Preben's original sculptures. 

preben jensen_white cobra_alabaster sculpture.jpg

"White Cobra" by Preben Jensen

White Alabaster Stone on Belgian Black Marble

preben jensen_picasso stone sculpture.jpg
preben jensen_calcite stone sculpture.jpg

"NAME" by Preben Jensen

Calcite Stone Sculpture - Native Only to Utah

"NAME" by Preben Jensen

Picasso Stone Sculpture

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