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Kimberly Levi

Mixed Media

Kimberly Levi_photo.jpg

Mixed Media by Kimberly Levi

Kimberly Levi's studio is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she is a contemporary artist whose passion for art and life is seen in her colorful images. When creating mixed media work, she paints with a variety of materials and mediums; alkyd oils, pastels, encaustic, metallic powders, organic fibers, and gilding with copper, gold, and silver metal leaf. Her emphasis on each design is to use color, pattern, and texture to create a cohesive statement of mood and style. When creating Plein air landscape paintings, she uses alkyd oil or soft pastels. These mediums enable her to paint quickly, which is critical in capturing the fleeting moods of nature. She also enjoys the flexibility of these paints, for they render fine detail, thin washes of color, or thick impasto layers.


“I am motivated to produce paintings that engage the viewer in the creative process as they experience the work. To draw them into a dance of visual stimulation which reveals the excitement of life. My hope is that the viewer will experience the type of inspiration, peace, and hope I felt while creating the art.”

– Kimberly Levi

She has established her art career through gallery representation, juried art shows, and sales to art dealers and interior designers. The quality of her work has been recognized and awarded honors in numerous juried art shows, along with the steady sales in the retail market. Her work is now in art collections throughout the U.S. as well as London, Poland, and Germany. Her work can be found in the BMW corporate collection of fine art at their Arts Center in South Carolina. Her paintings were selected from three hundred artists’ entries for the Upstate Visual Arts Group in and exhibit at the Spartanburg Museum of Fine Art in South Carolina. She is currently a member of the Sonoran Arts League and the Oil Painters of America.

Photo: By James Titchler

kimberly levi_green patterns_mixed media
kimberly levi_watermellon_mixed media_wb
Kimberly Levi_Childs Play_Mixed Media_wb
kimberly levi_leaves and wood_mixed medi
kimberly levi_teal and wood_mixed media_
Kimberly Levi_Happy Loops_Mixed Media_wb
kimberly levi_copper accents_mixed media
kimberly levi_copper accents_mixed media
Kimberly Levi_mixed media_wb.jpg

Images represented are 3 Dimensional Mixed Media by Kimberly Levi

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