Zach Duncan

“The art of photography is the art of seeing’, and the effectiveness of photography depends upon the strength and integrity of this ‘seeing’...” 

– Ansel Adams.

Zach is a passionate creator from Cave Creek, Arizona, dedicated to communicating compelling stories through photography. Having a strong desire for continuing alternative education, has led Zach down the career path as a self-taught motion and still photographer.


“With these photographs, I explore the relationship between man and the natural flow of the world around us. My passion is rooted in land and water conservation, so I have created these photographs to show a unique perspective that we don’t normally have. I was first introduced to this perspective when I saw Iceland’s river systems, and it has been a dream to photograph them. My goal with this project is to make you ask as many questions as possible.” 

– Zach Duncan

Aerial Photography by Zach Duncan

Aerial Photography by Zach Duncan

Aerial Photography by Zach Duncan. Triptych is 30"x40" on Acrylic Glass with Dibond backing. Trona I, II, III.

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