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Jovanna Poblano

Jovanna Poblano’s inspiration and creative energy emanate from her intensely felt bond with her ancestral roots. Jovanna comes from a long heritage of Zuni artists. Her maternal grandfather, Leo Poblano, was famous for both his fetish carvings and his inlaid jewelry and her mother, master jeweler, Veronica Poblano, is internationally recognized for contemporary, sculptural jewelry. As a standard bearer of her family, Jovanna is proud of her Zuni ethnicity and a celebrant in all matters reflecting her roots.

Combining all of these influences, it is Jovanna’s blend of modern eclecticism that best characterizes her bead earrings and necklaces. Cultural elements interplay with the modern. Her abstract and symmetrical designs glisten with wondrous colors and light, making Jovanna’s art a joy to look at and wear.

“My necklaces always had a different look to them. As I worked, I developed my own style, one that came from my heart,” Jovanna has said. Primarily using cut beads, Austrian crystals, antique glass, turquoise, coral, malachite, lapis, amethyst, jasper, fluorite, and rose or smoky quartz  Jovanna weaves shimmering tapestries of beaded magic and beauty!

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