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Celest Michelotti
Jewelry Design & Goldsmith

Clean Contemporary Timeless Jewelry

Following two weeks as NASA's guest at Kennedy Space Center, my mind was full of the exciting possibilities of our future in space... the inspiration for my "Echoes from the Future Series," an award winner that began my metals career.

The arts have always been the center of my life. As a child and young adult, classical piano captured my time and attention. My transition to the visual arts began during post-graduate studies when I treated myself to three "intro" classes that included drawing, printmaking, and jewelry," which fell into the "I always wanted to try this but never had the time before category." I later studied watercolor with Frank Webb.

In recent years, metals drew me back. Metals are in my genes. Grandpa was a blacksmith who also innovated and fabricated industrial equipment, Dad was a specialty welder, and uncle made ornamental wrought iron. My brother has worked with metals as an engineer. The few pieces I made in that intro class never fail to win compliments when I wear them!

I like to create "jewels," beautiful pieces that are exciting and distinctive wearable art. The process begins with a search for the perfect blending of precious metals, gemstones, and pearls and is ended with the reward of finding that special combination that makes the jewel "come alive."

See a finish that sparkles like the Milky Way in the night sky, a luminous surface that's my "trade secret" bright light; the flat, bright surfaces seem to catch the light; for a romantic candlelight dinner, the textured areas glow and sparkle! The dynamic, ever-changing reflections draw in both the wearer and viewer. I create the complex, compelling play of light by engraving, sandblasting, hammering, and polishing.

Come by the Gallery today and see more of Celest's beautiful custom original creations.  

jewelry artist-celest michelotti-earings-necklaces-600pxls.jpg

Celest Michelotti is a one-person studio. The heart logo that appears on the back of all her works is two hearts, intertwined as one...sending love and happiness into your life.


Stop in today, to see the fine details Celest puts in her work.

jewelry artist-celest michelotti-necklace-600pxls.jpg
jewelry artist-celest michelotti-ring-600pxls.jpg
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