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Leonor Pisano
Jewelry Artist

Fine Copper Jewelry designed by Leonor Pisano

Leonor is an award-winning international artist who maintains studios in Isla Negra, Chili, and Tuscon, Arizona. She has a passion for copper, an important natural resource in both locales.

In recent years Leonor has focused on making unique jewelry with copper and natural materials found in the Sonoran Desert. Her art pieces combine copper with fine metals such as silver and brass, with turquoise, freshwater pearls, cholla, ironwood, and leather. Pieces often feature brass and copper etched with petroglyphs or her drawings which have been adapted to the etching process. 

Visitors to the Sonoran Desert have begun collecting her jewelry as talismans of the beauty of the southwest. 

The Leonor Collection

The collection features one-of-a-kind and limited editions of exquisite jewelry hand-made by Leonor Pisano.

The work features pure copper combined with other fine metals, minerals, and the Sonoran Desert materials. They are artfully assembled by hand into beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other body adornments.

Each piece carries the unique Pisano imprint and comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist.


Come to the Gallery today to see our collection of Leonor Pisano!

jewelry artist-lenor pisano-handcrafted steel-earlings.jpg
jewelry artist-lenor pisano-handcrafted steel-pendant.jpg
jewelry artist-lenor pisano-handcrafted steel-stone-necklace.jpg

All original handmade creations by Leonor Pisano

"Life evolves in much the same way as the jewelry I create is evolving.

When I pick up a piece of copper, I see potential. It evokes in me a sense of possibility which begins the unique rendering of what is achievable.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of the hardness of metal with the delicate textures of nature's gifts such as seed pods, wood, or cactus skeletons. I live where copper lives on the earth and working with it has become my passion. 

For hundreds of years people have worn copper next to their skin to promote health and ease pain such as arthritis. Knowing that this metal I love to form into jewelry can also help with the healing process is so rewarding."

Leonor Pisano

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