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Benson Manygoats

Award-winning Navajo jewelry artist, Benson Manygoats was born and raised in Tohatchi, New Mexico. Benson Manyqoats is largely a
self-taught silversmith and the first in his family to learn the trade. During his high school years he learned basic silver-smithing and experimented with mosaic inlay which led to his professional career in silver and gold-smithing.

After becoming quite proficient, Benson worked for celebrated jewelry artist and jewelry designer Ray Tracey for over a dozen years, where Benson excelled.

In January 2002, Benson started his business designing, building and inlaying his jewelry from start to finish. An exceptional jewelry artist and craftsman, Benson has been recognized with numerous awards for his fine jewelry. His specialty is intricate inlay jewelry and his is known for his very precise and excellent work.

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